Software information

OrderPortal version 4.0.16

The source code is available at GitHub: pekrau/OrderPortal

The system is written in Python (version 3.6).

It is built on top of the tornado web server and template system using bootstrap 3 for display.

The CouchDB database system is the back-end storage.

The technical documentation is at GitHub: pekrau/OrderPortal/wiki.

Software and systems used in this instance.
Python 3.6.12 installed
CouchDB server 1.7.2 installed
CouchDB-Python 1.2 installed
tornado 6.1 installed
PyYAML 5.4.1 installed
markdown 3.2.2 installed
bootstrap 3.3.7 CDN
jQuery 1.12.4 CDN
jQuery-UI 1.11.4 CDN
jQuery localtime 0.9.1 in distro
jQuery DataTables 1.10.11 CDN

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