Single particle Cryo-EM: Prepare for your session

Cryo-EM sessions start at 09.00, and we welcome 1-2 scientists per visit. Upon your arrival to SciLifeLab, please ask the receptionist to call the Cryo-EM Facility, and we will meet you in the lobby. The cryo-EM suite is located in the Gamma building, floor 2.

Sample shipping

If not brought by the user, sample (either frozen protein or frozen grids) can be sent to:

Marta Carroni/Julian Conrad SciLifeLab, Tomtebodavägen 23B, 171 65 Solna, Sweden.

Reference at reception: Mats Lundquist, tel. +46 08-52481498

It is the user's responsibility to inform us and confirm that the sample arrived safely. If a sample is provided as a protein solution, at least 30μl are required for cryo preparation. The Cryo-EM Facility provides electron microscopy tools, grids, ring clips and full service for cryo preparation.

Users are expected to be on site during the screening session, that will typically be completed by 17.00. For automated data collection there is no need to stay on site as long as they are promptly available to contact (via phone, e-mail, skype or any other mean). We would kindly inform our users that we cannot offer grid screening for Titan Krios sessions. Users are kindly expected to load their best optimised grid, which they obtained during sample screening using the Talos Arctica.

Frozen grid samples are occasionally stored in the facility to facilitate data collection. However, the facility cannot take responsibility in case the sample is lost, for any reason. Grids older than 4 months will be disposed if more storage space is needed. It is the user responsibility to retrieve grids that he/she might want to keep.

To get the most out of your microscope session and your data we suggest you look at the cryo-EM lectures by Grant Jensen, Jensen's cryoEM course. Other useful reads are Saibil and Orlova, 2011 and Cheng et al., 2015. We encourage you to visit our SciLifeLab Cryo-EM Forum.

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