2017-11-05 Open registration to the cryo-EM single particle image processing course

Cryo-EM workshop on single-particles image processing organised by the Cryo-EM National Facility. The course includes morning lectures given by local and international speakers and image-processing afternoon practicals. Registrations at the following link:

2017-10-01 CryoNet - A network for coordinating the national cryo-EM facilities in Denmark and Sweden

The Knut and Alice Wallenberg and the Novo Nordisk Foundations have allocated 15 MDKK for the creation of a network between the national cryo-EM facilities in UmeƄ, Stockholm, Copenhagen, and Aarhus. Network activities will include a course program, an annual symposium, and funding for student/postdoc exchanges between the sites.

2017-01-12 Structural Biology discussion group

Every Thursday at 9.30, we gather a discussion group to present the most recent developments and applications to interesting biological problems. We encourage everyone to take active part.

Venue: SciLifeLab, Becquerel room

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